Established syndicates

We offer £1000 discount off of your first year, this is available to any boat joining our scheme.
Ownashare offer a very warm welcome to all types of established narrow boat syndicates.
Our personal service ensure we care for you as owners and your boat.
We are now backed by "Chalmers Holdings" who own and provide many narrowboat related businesses and this provides us with many new opportunities,services and financial security.
Ownashare have very experienced engineers who will look after your boat and her inboard services 7 days a week including out of hours.
Q. Where can you moor ?
A. Where do you want to moor ? We aim to try and find suitable moorings for you where you wish go.
Q. Do you have a designated person to care for you and your boat ?
A. Yes, we provide every boat with local managers who are your first point of contact.
Q. How can you talk to us?
A. We all work peripatetically and so we work where you are, hence we all have mobile phone numbers and this ensures you can reach us even at the weekend or after working hours, our office does not close!
Our aim is to provide all of our owners with a special level of personal care as well as looking after your boat in all circumstances.

If you are considering your syndicates future we will be very pleased to provide you with a personalised quote.
Contact Linda for a no obligation discussion of your requirements you will never be recontacted unless you request it. Mobile 07800902323 or